About: Wessex Filling Station

Wessex Filling Station Button Logo Wessex Filling Station is a monthly midweek cross-denominational celebration styled meeting with a keynote speaker of worth. Its purpose is to encourage the Christian community throughout Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole to work together to bless the communities in which they live; thus enriching peoples experience and knowledge of God.

It is made up of a core group of people drawn from across the churches of the area all of whom want to see spiritual renewal, restoration and growth among all of the churches within the BH conurbation.

Wessex Filling Station is part of The Filling Station Trust. As such it has its own station page on the trusts website and is supported by the trusts leadership, committee and prayer group network. The Filling Station Trust has regular regional meetings in support of all filling stations throughout the country and our regional director: Revd. Nick Crawley, oversees and supports all stations and station leaders within the South West of England. Nick is an Anglican minister who heads up the Crossnet Community team in Bristol.

Praise, Worship & Prayer

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Wessex Filling Station is passionate about bringing the church together in unity for regular times of worship. The church throughout history has come together for times of corporate worship and it is no different today with our diverse weekly services and multitude of annual conferences. We want to bring the annual conference feel to the Wessex Filling Station so that the church can be built up on a regular monthly event with a keynote speaker, many of whom are sought after as conference speakers.

As people come together and celebrate their faith in music, song and hear the spoken Word of God unfolded something wonderful happens. Gods Spirit comes and people are touched, healed, restored and encouraged in their daily walk with God. Prayer is an important part of the Christian life and a prayer ministry team will be on hand to counsel and pray with people if they feel it necessary.

Renewal & Evangelism

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As with Filling Station meetings across the country Wessex Filling Station events are designed to help bring renewal to the existing churches and to individual Christians who may not be in a local fellowship at this time. We believe that all can experience the powerful presence of God’s Holy Spirit in their lives and start to exercise the spiritual gifts as a result. We wish to work in unity with all local churches across Christchurch | Bournemouth and Poole. Filling Station meetings are places where people are taught to worship in Spirit and in truth (John 4:23), where new networks of friendships are made, where involvement is the norm and where God’s love, care and provision are declared and celebrated.


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It has been found in other Filling Stations across the country that many church leaders, whether primary or lay leadership, come along to meetings incognito to be inspired by the speakers and to worship unrestrained by the weight of office. We want Wessex Filling Station to be place that ALL can visit to receive, to be refreshed and inspired by the unity, worship and the Word of God as it is unpacked by our keynote speakers.


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We do want our Filling Station to become known as a place of refreshing both physically and spiritually. Good fellowship, good networking, good singing, great worship and teaching. Plus of course there are the FREE refreshments - great coffee and a selection of teas and biscuits!

Why not come along and see what all the fuss is about!