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OTR, On The Road, Button Image [200x200] Last autumn saw us take the filling station ON THE ROAD (OTR) for the first time - it proved a very valuable time which saw us able to bless and bring churches together in their local environment. Plus, we received an invitation from local pastor Andy McPherson to bring the on the road series to his church this year!

Therefore this autumn 2018 series of meetings again takes us ON THE ROAD to 3 local churches, bringing a quality Christian conference speaker to each location to build them up and encourage them. On top of that we will also be having a LEADERS LUNCH on Friday 28th September with Baptist Minister Yinka Oyekan of The Gate church, Reading, UK. God have been using Yinka to spearhead a new MISSION ENGLAND 2019 through the outpouring which is now known as THE TURNING.

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27th September 2018

~ On The Road with Yinka Oyekan!

Yinka Oyekan

Our first ON THE ROAD meeting will be at Lansdowne Church Woodbury Avenue where team members Ali Wood, Rosa Blandford and Trudy Tuffrey are members.

Our keynote speaker is Baptist Minister Yinka Oyekan of 'The Gate Church' in Reading. He is coming to Wessex to share about the recent 'Reading Revival' which led to the formation of 'THE TURNING' missions and how that is now leading to the next years MISSION ENGLAND - which is taking place all over the country. Our worship leaders at Lansdown will be Jotham Watson and Ali Wood.

He will also be speaking at two special leaders lunches in the New Forest (27th) and here in Bournemouth on Friday 28th at The Beacon Centre, St Marys Church, Ferndown. Online Booking is open here >>

Evening Venue:

Lansdowne Church, Woodbury Ave, Bournemouth BH8 0HH

Lansdowne Church
Woodbury Ave

25th October 2018

~ On The Road with Roy Crowne!

Roy Crowne

Roy Crowne is a much loved speaker. Respected by leaders across the country he has brought unity to many areas across the country through his HOPE Together campaigns. In fact HOPE 2018 has seen 1000's of churches signing up to work together to bless their communities under the banner of HOPE!

Roy will be speaking at St Saviours Church which covers the Iford and East Boscombe area of Bournemouth. The Vicar of St Saviour's Andy McPherson invited the team at Wessex Filling Station to come to the church during last years OTR series as long as worship leader's Phil and Angela Smith were leading worship - which they are!

          • Full Event Details to follow...

Evening Venue:

St Saviour's Church Button Image [120x120]

St Saviour's Church
32 Colemore Rd

29th November 2018

~ On The Road with Dr. Steve Brady!

Steve Brady

Our November meeting is going to be a very special event. Booked a year ago Dr Brady has since announced his retirement as College Principal at Moorlands. In fact, this will be his last public speaking engagement and we are really looking forward to what he will have to say to the gathering. Steve, another much loved and well respected leader and conference speaker, has much pastoral experience in Bournemouth and regularly speaks at churches across the region. His insight will be keenly missed once he has moved away from the area and flown to warmer climes.

Worship will be led at DISCOVER church (formerly: Wessex Christian Centre) by Brian Edgeley and the Wessex worship team

          • Full Event Details to follow...

Evening Venue:

DISCOVER church (formerly: Wessex Christian Centre)
Hinton Rd