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We are looking forward to a bumper year this year with many churches taking part in HOPE 2018. As we are! Wessex Filling Station begins a new focus this January as we look at mission - both at home and abroad - and the season starts on Thursday 25th January ~ with Spring Harvest speaker Sim Dendy. Sim is also the senior leader at Freedom Church, Romsey.

We will be back at our regular venue - the Village Hotel Bournemouth from January through to July. It will be good to be in one location again as the Village Hotel has so much to offer us. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Sim and Lottie Dendy

You can read all about Sim on the new Who is Sim Dendy? page which is dedicated to looking behind the scenes at who he is and what has made him the man of God he is today.


Healings in Heatherlands Parish!

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At our last meeting it was really good to have Jo and Richard Fothergill join us.

Even though the night was dark and cold as we turned the corner into winter, and the roads were particularly clogged a good number of people came together from all over the area to hear Jo speak on the subject of Healing. The evening was a wonder time of refreshing for many.

After a beautiful time of corporate worship and a keynote address that laid out the biblical mandate for healing - in the name of Jesus and by the power of His Holy Spirit, Jo and Richard prayed together with the Wessex Filling Station Prayer Ministry team, for all who wanted prayer for healing.

Many too responded simply for a touch from the Lord and the anointing of oil. This time was very serene and gentle and many a tear fell as people came for personal prayer.

If you have a story to tell from last night please email us or Facebook us to share your experience. We would love to hear from you.

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Wessex Filling Station Button LogoWe realise that many people, including church leaders, have questions about what Wessex Filling Station stands for and what it is all about.

Why not take a look at the Frequently asked Questions page to see if your questions have already been asked - and more importantly, answered...

You will find questions on topics such as:

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