Coming up in June - Cinnamon Network

The Village Hotel Bournemouth Button ImageThursday evening June 28th we are looking forward to hearing from author and conference speaker Paul Garratt from the Cinnamon Network.

Due to heavy work load this events data will be created and uploaded in the next couple of days.

The Event will be at the Village Hotel Bournemouth...

Each Filling Station event is very different as we have a different keynote speaker at every meeting. Each person brings their own character and feel to the meeting which is designed to encourage and motivate the audience, as individuals and corporately as 'the church' to love and good works.

If you have a story to tell from any of the meetings, or you have been inspired in anyway, then please email us or Facebook us to share your experience. We would love to hear from you.

GDPR - at the foot of the cross

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Now that the new Data Protection regulations known as GDPR have become enshrined in UK law we continue to communicated with our users and supporters to update them to our new Privacy Notice and to collect their consent to hold their data and communicate with them.

If you receive a communication from us please could you take a moment to update your eNewsletter user and communication preferences.

In the meantime, as we continue to monitor our database of contacts those who choose not to update will unfortunately be culled under the new GDPR law.

Thank You!

What is? ... FAQ's

Wessex Filling Station Button LogoWe realise that many people, including church leaders, have questions about what Wessex Filling Station stands for and what it is all about.

Why not take a look at the Frequently asked Questions page to see if your questions have already been asked - and more importantly, answered...

You will find questions on topics such as:

  • What is Wessex Filling Station?
  • Is it a Church?
  • Can I get Involved?
  • What is the The Filling Station Trust?
  • Who Finances it?
  • Where do they meet?

If your questions are not answered there you can simply ask us! Contact us here...

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